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    Pls nokia help me!!

    Hi i m a programmer building an application based on CIMD using my computer to send message via the CIMD SMSC. I have successfully developed the application, but now when it comes to smart messaging i m confused.

    for example i have to send a Business card. the Smart messaging faq shows the data in hex coded format with UDH, it means that it should be using operation code 032 where as they say its is User data that means operation code 033?? In the smart messaging and CIMD it shows that it is text based Message?? so what should i do hex code the data and write it to the SMSC in binary format?? what operation code should i use 032 and 034 or 033....and finally, what is data coding if any for sending the message?? Pls help me urgently!!!

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    RE: Pls nokia help me!!

    Read the CIMD and Smart Messaging document. There was examples
    of using smart messages with CIMD interface.
    Data coding scheme can be 0xF5 8-bit data. Yes you should hex code
    the data and write it to SMSC in binary format.
    M, Forum Nokia

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