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    SERIOUS BUG in 6630 and 6680 (or very silly feature)


    I have found bugs with 6630 and 6680

    6680 sw version 3.04.11 14-04-05 rm-36
    6680 sw version 2.39.151 19-11-04 rm-1

    Basically i have a midlet (midp20) that reads and writes to the address book. I have signed the midlet using a thawte certificate and installed it on both phones.

    The fact that it is signed now means that i get new options available on the suite settings under the app manager... so i set both "Edit user data" and "read user data" to "always allowed". So as per the NOKIA documentation this SHOULD remove the pop up warning messages. When I try to write to the user address book. I still get the user popup warning messages...

    Obviously this WRONG behavior and does NOT match the nokia documentation or the MIDP specs !!!!

    Things to point out...

    My midlet is in the domain of "Trusted Third party"
    I have setup correct permissions in my JAD.

    (note this is all on the same line in the JAD)

    Does anyone have ANY idea if this is a BUG or a FEATURE (ha ha)

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    Re: SERIOUS BUG in 6630 and 6680 (or very silly feature)

    I have tested this application on 3 SONY ERICSSON phones now and as is usually the case they WORKED as per the documentation with NO FUSS...

    GO figure !!!!

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