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    Error at application launch...Etel Client Faul - 28


    I am working on a telephony application which deals with bringing the application to foreground as soon as a call is recd.

    I have a written a seperate engine for the telephony application which has instances of RLine, RCall & RPhone as well as RTelServer & am calling them at appropriate places

    Also I have a seperate CPP file which will do the job of receiving calls , the instance of this class being created in the engine described earlier

    The code gets compiled properly however when I launch the application in the emulator window it doesn't launch correctly & gives me an error message as 'Etel Client Faul - 28'

    Kindly help me out ASAP


    Yogesh Khanolkar

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    Re: Error at application launch...Etel Client Faul - 28

    The emulator does not support the telphony classes. I believe its RCall issueing a hardware not present error.

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