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    preview frame rate speedup possible ?


    On a N70 I am using the preview mode to read-in and process in real time images from the video conferencing camera (#1). My application continously
    looks at the user and does different things depending on what it sees.
    A single frame can be processed at 20 ms allowing a theoretical 50 frames per second - However the preview mode seems to be preset on only 15 fps
    even if I only ask for low resolution images (160x120).

    I cannot find a command which will speed this up. I am using the ccamera
    class from the ecam library. I know that you can choose the framerates
    for the video recording - would that change the preview framerates as well ?

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    Re: preview frame rate speedup possible ?

    15 fps is the maximum frame rate of the camera HW so there is no way to speed it up. There is a method for changing the video capture frame rate, but the only supported frame rate for that is also 15 fps.

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