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    Problems with vc6

    I've vc++ 6.0 introductory edition on win2k (I installed vc6sp5). I installed version 0.9 of series 60 SDK. All works well if I work in cmd, but if I work in vc++ ide I've problems.
    1) If I use the appwizard to create an app for example in c:\src it start and after sometime it closes vc (no error in the event viewer). The directory structure is ok but the wokspace doesn't contain my project. I see temporary file VC*.tmp that seems makefile incomplete; they looks like this:

    # Microsoft Developer Studio Project File - Name="prova" - Package Owner=<4>
    # Microsoft Developer Studio Generated Build File, Format Version 6.00
    # ** DO NOT EDIT **

    # TARGTYPE "Win32 (x86) Application" 0x0101

    CFG=prova - Win32 Debug
    !MESSAGE This is not a valid makefile. To build this project using NMAKE,
    !MESSAGE use the Export Makefile command and run
    !MESSAGE NMAKE /f "prova.mak".
    !MESSAGE You can specify a configuration when running NMAKE
    !MESSAGE by defining the macro CFG on the command line. For example:
    !MESSAGE NMAKE /f "prova.mak" CFG="prova - Win32 Debug"
    !MESSAGE Possible choices for configuration are:
    !MESSAGE "prova - Win32 Release" (based on "Win32 (x86) Application")
    !MESSAGE "prova - Win32 Debug" (based on "Win32 (x86) Application")

    # Begin Project
    # PROP AllowPerConfigDependencies 0
    # PROP Scc_ProjName ""
    # PROP Scc_LocalPath ""

    !IF "$(CFG)" == "prova - Win32 R

    2) If I create the project file via cmd and than I try to compile in the ide, vc closes and doesn't compile.

    3) If I want to debug the app (compilation done via cmd) the ide tell me it needs to create some file and the vc closes and doesn't start the debugger.

    Thanks in advance
    Ciao Angelo

    PS: I tried Visual studio 6.0 enterpries edition with the same problems

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    RE: Problems with vc6

    If you have the Myproject\group\bld.inf file you could create the workspace by the following steps on group directory:

    1, Create the abld.bat
    bldmake bldfiles

    2, Create the workspace
    abld makefile vc6

    When application wizard create a project called MP into c:\src directory, it create the worspace under
    The same apply to abld.

    Now you can load that workspace to Visual Studio.
    Please Note, When you add/remove a library/class in the project file(MMP-file) you should recreate the workspace file as well by abld.bat .

    To debug an application please create and load the workspace into MS VC++ IDE and use its debug options. There is no need to create a project file (for example Mp.dsp) individually.

    Best Regards,
    (V) - Forum Nokia Developer Support

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