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    Question Location API panics

    I'm having problems with Location API. It causes panic E32USER-CBase-37 about every five hours if I have software using it running and BT GPS is connected. Phone goes to strange state where some menu items don't work and status pane doesn't update correctly. Phone has to be rebooted after this to make it normal again.

    Am I the only one using the Location API, because there doesn't seem to be lot of discussion about it, or are all others satisfied with it? Other than panics every five ours, it's quite fine for my needs. The example software LBSReference that comes with SDK also causes these panics, so I'm sure it's the Location API and not my SW that's causing it. The phones I have tested it with are Nokia 6630 and 6680.


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    Re: Location API panics

    I have not used location api, but an RFCOMM socket to GPS and it is possible to have the BT server dying.
    (S60V1,S60v2 S60v2fp1,2)

    Installing Extended error issued a E32UserCbase panic from the btServer. ( FP2 did no longer give that error,
    but functioned otherwisely similar).

    This caused the bluetooth server to die, but did not affect the runing application, with the exception that it no longer got BT.

    So if the BT server dies it might bring the locationing api down as well.

    Or it may be of course something toally different.

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