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    InputStreamReader hangs on S60...

    The inputStreamReader as generated by the HttpConnection() hangs on a read() if there's not enough data to fill the specified buffer. Not good.

    A number of others have noticed the same thing. It apparently works on other systems but not the S60. The solution that was quoted was to use the HttpConnection.getLength() method to read exactly the data needed and no more. Okay, could work..except the damned getLength() returns a -1.

    So, I can't know how much data to read, and the app hangs until infinity+1 if I try to read all of the data with no way to escape. And there seems to be no timeout specifier on any of these calls.

    Is there any solution to this, or is our Nokia 60 project dead.

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    Re: InputStreamReader hangs on S60...

    I suggest that once you have read the header, you precede your data with two bytes (for example) to indicate the length of the following data block. If you do this you can read the size in the first two bytes (read(buffer, 0, 2)) and then read the number of bytes specified by this size (read(buffer, 0, bytesExpected)).

    This is the algorithm we use and it works fine over sockets, udp and http.

    Alternatively you can conform strictly to http and send your data chunked - read the chunk size and then read precisely the number of bytes defined in the chunk.

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