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    I wrote a program that take a jpg picture(size 2-3kB) and using socket programing send it to symbian emulator.And I saved this coming jpeg with below display modes.
    An interesting point saving with EColor16M(24bit) display mode, size is 43kB.But when I save EColor16MU(12bit) display mode,size is 56kB.

    EColor4K 56kB 12 bit 4096 color
    EColor16MU 56kB 12 bit 4096 color
    EColor16M 43kB 24 bit true color 16,777,216 color
    EColor64K 28kB 16 bit 64000 color
    EColor256 15kB 8 bit 256 color
    EColor16 8kB 4 bit 16 color

    24bit->43kB //EColor16M
    24bit->56kb //EColor16MU

    what is the reason this size differences between EColor16MU and EColor16M ?

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    Re: EColor16M

    EColor16MU display mode is 24 bits for colors and another 8 bits for alpha. So if you use EColor16MU,that means you will use 4 bytes for each pixel in raw data format.

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