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    Updating an Agenda entry which has embedded objects in it?????

    Hi All,
    I'm trying to Add & update entries in Agenda using CAgnEntry & CAgnModel classes.
    For Updating an entry I'm using
    CAgnEntryModel::FetchEntry() to fetch the record, Then set the recquired fields and
    CAgnEntryModel::UpdateEntry() to update the entry. I dont get any problem when the rich text field in the entry is a plain text.
    But, when there are objects such as Word, Sheet or Sketch documents embedded in the Richtext object the UpdateEntry() function "Crashes".

    My question now is how to update an agenda entry which has such objects embedded in it? Also, how can I access the documents embedded in it?
    Its very urgent & I'm expecting some posstive reply from u all...
    Please do mail me regarding this at stranger_jonty@yahoo.com
    Thanks in advance.

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    RE: Updating an Agenda entry which has embedded objects in it?????

    How about trying CRichText::DetachFromStoreL. Well this is an excellent solution to get picture objects atleast. If you could read documnetation on CRichText class you may probably have some more options on the other mentioned objects that you are trying to embeed.
    Hope this helps.


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