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    Question use sip transfer multimedia ??


    the document say:

    sip can carry any MIME content (such as text/plain or image/gif), has been defined by IETF for messaging purposes

    how can i do? is there some examples about this?

    for instance transfer a pic

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    Smile Re: use sip transfer multimedia ??

    I think that there is no example regarding this. I relied on the Chipflip example of SIP v3.0. I did some refactoring to determine how to create my own register and invite messages. Creating a Transfer message should be relatively the same. Or, I do not know if this would be a hack but in ever SIP message there is a SIP body. I think you can do anything that you want with the SIP body. I have not tried this yet but theoretically you can write a file to a SIP body and send the message to your destination. If you want to avoid the SIP Transfer command altogether you might want to try what I did.

    I did a SIP REGISTER then an INVITE. After the invited returns the ACK, I get the IP address of the invited through the headers and then I create a socket connection using the info I got. Would this work for you?

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    Re: use sip transfer multimedia ??


    if you want to transfer a picture using sip you have few possibilities

    1) establish sip dialog at first

    2a) send sip MESSAGE to the remote party - called 'page mode'

    2b) or establish TCP connection (or send UDP datagrams) based on the parameters agreed in SDP

    2b1) use some proprietary protocol for data transport over established TCP/UDP
    2b2) use MSRP or FTP for data transport over established TCP/UDP

    Bye STeN

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    Re: use sip transfer multimedia ??

    2) your device send SIP INVITE (with SDP content, including your media Tx info, i.e. IP:Port and media type) to another SIP Terminal via SIP Server
    3) when your device get 200 OK, it will get remote device's IP:Port info too
    4) then, your device and remote device could exchange Video/audio/Picture via UDP/TCP...
    5) SIP BYE

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