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    CMsvEntry Remote context

    Hi Guys.
    does anyone know how to use CMsvEntry in Remote context.
    I have to delete MMS message from the MMSC.
    Any pointers??

    pls help me.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: CMsvEntry Remote context

    I would be suprised if you could control MMSC with public API's in such manner.

    Anyway, what is the idea of deleting the message in MMSC, any real need for it ? or could you just handle the deletion in your phones mailbox side.


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    Re: CMsvEntry Remote context

    Hi Yucca,
    I am not sure if it possible through public APIs, but I have read in
    CMsvServerEntry details
    "A difference to note is that CMsvEntry functions, when used on a remote context, can result in requests to Server-side MTMs to change data on a remote server, as well as the local Message Server index. Naturally, as CMsvServerEntry is designed to be used by Server-side MTMs themselves, its comparable functions only alter the Message Server index."

    I thought there should be a way....

    I am trying for the situation where....MMS message notification has come to the phone, but now I want to delete that message programmaticaly, inspite of retrieving.

    let me know if you know any way out.


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