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    Problem with launching an application on device


    Iam using sdk series 60 version 2.1 and Codewarrior personal edition 3.0. My application runs fine on emulator but when make sis file and run it on device it's showing "system error". Later I have traced the problem using log files. It's stops the application while returning apllication uid that is in "AppDllUid()" on device, it doesnt go to next function "CreateDocumentL()" at all. But it works fine on emulator. Iam using nokia 3660 device.

    Could any one please help me why it is happening?


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    Re: Problem with launching an application on device

    you should use 1.2 SDK with 3660 phone, since this device is platform one phone. 2.1 SDK is for platform 2 phones which are using different OS versions.


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