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    HTTP MIDLet Nokia 6310i on Vodafone UK

    Has anyone managed to get a MIDlet that does an HTTP Get on a plain XML URL (very small file) to work with a 6310i on Vodafone in the UK? Because we can't :-(

    Briefly, we have done the following:
    Created a new Service with an APN (access point name) of 'internet' and user name and password of 'wap' as directed to by Vodafone.
    Set this to be the 'Active' service
    Run the MIDlet

    What we get is:
    The application starts OK.
    We get the little G(<o&gt symbol (all very promising)
    The MIDlet times-out trying to open the Input Stream from the URL connection.

    The MIDlet works fine in an emulator on the same URL. Does anyone have an idea why this doesn't work? I think I have spoken to pretty much everyone on the Vodafone help line now.

    A positive message that someone else has got this to work on Vodafone or any network would be appreciated, as I am beginning to doubt the MIDP implementation on the phone.


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    RE: HTTP MIDLet Nokia 6310i on Vodafone UK

    It's not a vodafone problem (although don't use the ("Accept", "application/octet-stream&quot request property on Vodafone because it doesn't work) - try using CSD. alas - gprs doesn't work yet with midp applications on 6310i. see the same topic on this forum posted under "http on 6310i".

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