The all fonts on 60 series form are displayed in bold and the size isquite large,
I know that this can be corrected by using MIDP2 standards for 60 series but
our application has some backward compatibility requirements and hence move on to MIDP2.

e.g if I use string the result is as follows Form.append("Name: Ajit");

displays Name : Ajit

and if I use Form.append(new StringItem("Name:","Ajit"));

displays Name : Ajit

the above should be in reverse title should be in bold and text item should be plain , I dont understand why this simple standard is not followed in Nokia Series 60 phones e.g. N90 , E60 etc.

Please help or Nokia People look into the problem.

if I use StringItem("Name: Some long name here",null) renders in plain on the form but it truncates the string

displays Name: Some lon...

waiting for help and thanks in advance