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    Develop a Client which can render a MMS?

    Hi All! I want to develop a MMS client which can render and display the (MMS)message on a GUI. I am not worried about the networking side of it, as it is a just a prototype I have to build in which I can read the message from a file and then display it on the GUI. I want all this according to the standards given by 3GPP. Kindly tell me the documents to be read for the following:-
    1. essential parameters to be used in the message.
    2. how long should the message be?
    3. the number of bytes each parameter will take.
    4. which are essential parameters and which are optional parameters?

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    RE: Develop a Client which can render a MMS?


    You should see the MMS message encapsulation specification (WAP 209) at www.wapforum.org pages. It gives you all required information about MMS message and encapsulation. You can use our Java library to create a capsulated messages during your development phase.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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