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Thread: I am stuck

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    I am stuck

    I am running Xitami server on which I have my .wml and .wbmp files, I can browse these files by using a Nokia 6210 and 3330, no problem. However, what I want to do next is being able to send these wbmp files to Nokia phones by using SMS. Can anybody please tell me the design procedure for it? Can I design it with Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit? Do I have to convert the .wbmp images to hex? and if so, than do I need to send them to a handset as an ordinary message?

    Secondly, at current, my wml files can be viewed by phones with wap browsers, but no option is given to save the images to the user. Is there a wap command i can write in the wml file so that the user is given the option to save the image downloaded in the user phone's browser.

    Thank you.

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    RE: I am stuck


    You can find more information from Smart Messaging partition.

    Second question I can give you a one possible reason.
    Image protection is implemented to some Nokia phones, including Nokia 3330. All the supported images, independent of the image format, can be protected against saving to the phone by using the text "Nokia" in the alt attribute of the image element.

    Pete / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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