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    Help on Telephony application


    Well I have been working on a telephony application which essentially deals with invoking the application when a phone call is recd. by a mobile device

    Initially the application that I was studying gets activated (comes to foreground) when a call is recd. by the device & straightaway starts answering the call

    What I want to do is when a call is recd. the application shld come to foregrnd which it does & ask the user whether he wants to accept or reject the incoming call which I am trying to acheive but somehow I can't.

    Can anybody help me out by providing a small code snippet if not the entire code to do the above mentioned task ??


    Yogesh Khanolkar

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    Re: Help on Telephony application

    Hello again... May be I need to clarify this

    Well just need to know if any particular function can be used to notify an incoming call & take action whether to accept/reject the call

    Here I have been playing with NotifyIncomingCall() of RCall class & then passing the status as EStatusRinging to the application so that the user can Accept/Reject the call

    But somehow cant get it

    Can anybody guide me out of this


    Yogesh Khanolkar

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