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    Unhappy Gprs connection sharing help pls

    I am a student doing a post graduate course in computer applications. I am using Nokia 6600 for web browsing with a wap gateway gprs access(not full internet web connection) from the provider, but i am able to access all the web sites not only wap sites. But this doesnt allow me to share the connection with my pc's web browser. I have seen your article regarding sharing pc's net connection into mobile. Is there any reverse possible way like involving proxy system to share this connection to my pc. I know that dialup connection over bluetooth can be used to connect pc to net, but i think its only possible with full gprs gateway and not using wap gateway. When i enquired this to customer care people they said we cant share this connection. Is there any other way i can make this. If you can help me it will be very usefull since this is the only way for me to connect to internet from my village and ofcourse i get this wap connection at a cheap rate.

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    Re: Gprs connection sharing help pls

    give more details about the accesspoint settings in many cases they use a proxy server in between ,if it is your case then u need to put that address inte proxy field for that connection e.g for internet explorer in tools menu select internet options ------> connections tab ----->click settings for the modom u are using, put there ip (proxy address although misleading but sometimes gateway adress is reqd to put there the associated port number in the port field)
    now in control panel (assuming win xp)---->phones and modem options--->modems tab----->select then properties------>advanced tab
    put AT+CGDCONT=,," your apn here"<cr> in the extra settings field ,then ok try connecting.
    more infos
    or try googling gprs info

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