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    gprs Static IP Address

    hello sir

    I use nokia 6610i with dku 5 cable and laptop computer(win XP).when i connect to GPRS service it

    assign me dynamic IP Address.each time i reconnect my ip changes.i need to have one static IP address

    for my client-server software.Can network provider provides me the Static IP Address. my Network

    Provider are Airtel,Hutch India.Kindly Provide me some information.

    Pankaj Jain

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    Re: gprs Static IP Address

    It is very unlikely that any cellular network operator (provider) would assign you a permanent, static IP address for your phone.

    Some operators only assign private IP addresses, others may also provide public IPs (possibly at a more higher data transfer cost), but I've never heard of anyone assigining static IPs.

    How long an address is valid will probably also depend on how long the phone remains within a single routing area.

    You could, of course, ask your operator's customer service, but I think you probably also should look for another kind of solution for your problem. If you describe what your problem is (what you really want to accomplish), perhaps someone can help with that (nobody here can help you get a static IP for your phone, unless that someone controls/manages your operator's network).

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