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    Series60 3rd emulator: UDP receive issues

    Hello friends,

    Has anyone used the series 60 3rd edition emulator
    to do UDP send and receive? My emulator can connect
    to the internet (using browser) using the winsock type
    connection (I could not get npacket to work). But, in
    my code when the send is successful but the response
    is never received. Code snippet is attached. The same
    code works fine on S80.

    Any help will be much appreciated
    RSocketServ iSocketServ;
    TRequestStatus aStatus, bStatus;
    RSocket sock;
    TSockAddr anAddr;

    TInt ret = sock.Open(iSocketServ, KAfInet, KSockDatagram, KProtocolInetUdp);
    if(ret!=KErrNone) {
    _LIT(KError,"Socket Create failed!\n");

    TInetAddr dst(TInetAddr(INET_ADDR(192,168,1,102), 9999));
    sock.SendTo(_L8("hello"), dst, 0, aStatus);

    if (aStatus.Int() != KErrNone ) {
    _LIT(KError,"Sending Failed!\n");
    sock.RecvFrom(buf, anAddr, 0, bStatus);
    User::WaitForRequest(bStatus); // the code hangs here
    if (bStatus.Int() != KErrNone ) {
    _LIT(KSend,"Receive Failed!\n");


    I also tried the BSD style code

    int sock;
    SOCKADDR_IN sockAddr;
    SOCKADDR_IN sockAddrLocal;

    char recvTxt[128];
    char ip[32];
    int con, len, ret;
    unsigned int fromlen;
    char *dummy;

    sock = socket(AF_INET,SOCK_DGRAM,IPPROTO_UDP);
    if(sock == INVALID_SOCKET) {
    guiw_DebugN ("Socket call failed");
    return -1;

    memset(&sockAddr,0, sizeof(sockAddr));
    sockAddr.sin_family = AF_INET;

    sockAddr.sin_port = htons(9999);
    sockAddr.sin_addr.s_addr = inet_addr(server);

    len = sendto(sock, "hello", strlen("hello"), 0, (SOCKADDR *)&sockAddr,

    int cnt = 0;
    // ioctl (sock, FNONBIO, (void *)&nonblock, st);
    fcntl (sock, F_SETFL, FNONBIO);
    memset(recvTxt,0, sizeof(recvTxt));
    do {
    memset(&sockAddr,0, sizeof(sockAddr));

    fromlen = sizeof(SOCKADDR_IN);
    ret = recvfrom(sock, (char *)recvTxt, sizeof (recvTxt), 0, (SOCKADDR *)&sockAddr,

    User_After (1000000);
    } while (cnt < 600 && (strlen (recvTxt) == 0));

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    Re: Series60 3rd emulator: UDP receive issues

    As you said the same code works in S80, so I assume you did not put all code snippet here. I hope you have a address and port bound at your local udp receiving socket, something like as follows:

    TInetAddr addr;
    addr.SetPort( 9999 );
    addr.SetAddress( KInetAddrAny );
    addr.SetFamily( KAfInet );
    User::LeaveIfError( iSocket.Bind( addr ) );
    // and then you may call

    sock.RecvFrom(buf, anAddr, 0, bStatus);
    User::WaitForRequest(bStatus); // the code hangs here
    if (bStatus.Int() != KErrNone ) {
    _LIT(KSend,"Receive Failed!\n");

    You code will wait at User::WaitForRequest(bStatus); until it receive something from other device. I am suspecting that when you send a udp packet and the receiving device is not bound to a address and port, your remote dev must not receive anything. You could send only and there won't be any receiver. Hope it helps! If you haven't done this for S80, I wonder how it was working!

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    Re: Series60 3rd emulator: UDP receive issues

    I didnot post complete code. I have the port etc. in my code. The code also works on the target device (E61). It seems the emulator has bug(s).
    Thanks for your reply though

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