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    Some doubts on sending a ringing tones to NOKIA HP

    I have read the nokia smart messaging specification 3.0.0 and faq. However, I know how to convert the nokia RTTTL to the HEX format for sending. For what I have understand, we need some header in front of the ringing tone format so as it will be delivered to the HP via GSM MODEM correctly. I just can't find the answer from both of the documents and this discussion board. Can some one please kindly guide me?

    For example, I would like to send a ring tone to
    NUMBER - +6591234567
    OPERATOR NAME - MobileOne (Asia) Pte Ltd
    NETWORK TYPE - GSM 900/1800
    NETWORK CODE - 525 03
    --- source taken from www.gsmworld.com ---

    May I know how to encode it to the header of the ringing tone?

    Thanks in advance.

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    RE: Some doubts on sending a ringing tones to NOKIA HP

    Smart Messaging FAQ question number 8 has an example of a whole
    SMS message sent in PDU mode and in the last part, which is called
    user-data: there is the user data header of ringing tone and the ringing tone. The user data part which contains the header and
    the ringing tone is explained in more detail in question number 12.
    Your destination telephone number is +6591234567 coded as 5619325476.
    M, Forum Nokia

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