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    Forcing 6630 to logon to 3G network

    Is there any way to do this? Seeing as the 6630 supports both 3G/GSM, I've been looking for a way to force it to grab a 3G signal whenever possible over GSM. Instead, the phone appears to stick to whichever network it is on; until it loses signal completely OR you are moving about and you jump to the next station.

    Case 1:
    -Logged on to a 3G network.
    -Enter lift/elevator.
    -Lose signal.
    -Search mode switches to GSM.
    -Leave elevator.
    -Search mode finds GSM signal and logs on.

    Case 2:
    -Logged on to a 3G network.
    -Enter lift/elevator.
    -Lose signal.
    -Search mode switches to GSM.
    -Still in elevator
    -Search mode switches to 3G.
    -Leave elevator.
    -Search mode finds 3G signal and logs on.

    Case 3:
    -Logged on to a GSM network.
    -Get in car and drive.
    -Signal hops to next nearest tower which provides both 3G/GSM signals.
    -Search mode finds 3G signal and logs on.

    There is an option in the phone menu, where you can select either Dual Mode or GSM... question is, why isn't there one that allows you to select 3G? Or perhaps, a 3G preferred or GSM preferred option?

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    Re: Forcing 6630 to logon to 3G network

    Dual mode makes the 6630 prefer 3G networks to GSM. If the 3G signal is lost, it goes to GSM. On my phone, if I'm on a GSM network and a 3G signal becomes available the phone switches to the 3G network. I don't know why your phone is working differently. Maybe the 3G signal isn't constant and/or powerful enough.

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