In MMS application on 6630 i have to insert five different picture on the the same View.
The path of the image is passed to this function:

void CImageConverterEngine::StartToDecodeL( TFileName& aFileName )

// create the decoder
iImageDecoder = CImageDecoder::FileNewL( iFs, aFileName );

delete iBitmap;
iBitmap = NULL;

// create the destination bitmap
iBitmap = new (ELeave) CFbsBitmap();
iBitmap->Create( iImageDecoder->FrameInfo().iOverallSizeInPixels,
iImageDecoder->FrameInfo().iFrameDisplayMode );

// start conversion to bitmap
iState = EDecoding;
iImageDecoder->Convert( &iStatus, *iBitmap );

This function decodes two times , but when path of image is provided for the third time
the application dies at
iImageDecoder->Convert( &iStatus, *iBitmap );

To me the problem seems with iBitmap.( as if it can take only two images at a time.)
do u have any idea why for the third time conversion does not take place.wheareas this works fine
on 6600. but it shows problem on Nokia6630. Is it Device related problem (i mean memory management difference in
the devices) if u have any idea related to this , i need ur help .