I am a newbie to Nokia J2ME programming.
I am trying to run the sample project in MIDP_1_0_Introduction_to_Networked_MIDlets_v1_0.zip on my Nokia 3220b.
When I run the project on NetBeans 5.0 beta 2 with Series 40 SDK 3rd Edition and WTK 2.2 it works ok. But some how when I install the application on the real device 3220b I get Application Error: java/lang/NullPointerException error

The exception happens at this point in the code:

// Opening the InputStream will open the connection
// and read the HTTP headers. They are stored until
// requested.
in = conn.openInputStream();

The code works on a real Sony Ericsson S710a.

I am using Nokia PC Suite 6.5.10 Install Application tool to install the application on the real phone. I am using a CA-42 Serial cable.

Everything seems to work with the phone since I am able to synchronize my address book between the phone and my PC.

Do I need a special configuration to get the phone to talk to the localhost?

I tried the following URLs, but none works. My web container is configured to listen on 8081 and other web applications work fine.

Please help!!!