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    socket error on 3rd edition.

    hey guys,

    I try socket example from 3rd edition pre beta, when I test it on emulator, its work fine. But when I test the application on the device, If i fill the address with an IP address, the IAP selection pop up dialog doesn't appear, and the application seems to be ignore the command. but when i fill the address with a URL, it will pop up the IAP selection dialog, and after i choose the IAP, it return KErrTimedOut error, its wird because i set the time out timer into 30 seconds, and its not 30 seconds already. Is it the problem on the SDK or the problem on my device?

    oh one more, i try to open the IAP manually using this code :

    RConnection iIapConn;

    TCommDbConnPref prefs;

    when i test it on the emulator, the emulator will hang. and when i test it on the device, the device will be restarted. Any idea why this is happen?

    thanks before for your help.

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    Re: socket error on 3rd edition.

    I have no such problem, RSocket work for me fine for both emulator and device.

    My problem is that list of connections is always displayed on device, even if I call SetIapId() and SetDialogPreference(ECommDbDialogPrefDoNotPrompt).
    How do I supress the dialog? This was working in previous Symbian version.

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