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    symbian versions...??

    hi there ...
    i've built my application using the symbian v7.0 version ...
    if i installed it in a mobile that got a newer version ??? it will run normally right ...????

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    Re: symbian versions...??

    yes if it is higher version of 7.0s

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    Re: symbian versions...??

    7.0 and 7.0s aren't the same thing - if your code will work interchangeable with these versions and other versions will depend on what APIs you are using. However it definatly won't work on something like 9.2 for example.
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    Re: symbian versions...??

    Hi dakoz,

    It really depends on the APIs you are using for your application, but there's a lot of applications in the market built for the 7.0s (even for 6.1) that work in newer devices. You'll really have to test your app on those versions.

    In Series 60 3.0 devices, your application will not work, as there's a binary compatibility break, so you'll need to recompile using the 3.0 SDK.


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