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    obtaining value from AVKON_INTEGER_EDWIN

    I’m trying to retrieve an integer value from a DLG_LINE on a S60 device. Below is a sample from my *.rss file that defines a part of the interface.

    type = EAknCtQuery;
    	id = EGeneralAmountQuery;
    	control = AVKON_DATA_QUERY
    		layout = ENumberLayout;
    		label = "Amount (£):";
    		control = AVKON_INTEGER_EDWIN 
    			min = 1; 
    			max = 10;
    I use the following code to obtain a reference to the editor, and then call GetTextAsInteger(Tint x) to retrieve the value entered by the user.

    CAknIntegerEdwin* amountEditor = static_cast<CAknIntegerEdwin*>(ControlOrNull(EGeneralAmountQuery));
    if (amountEditor)
    	CAknNumericEdwin::TValidationStatus amountStatus = amountEditor->GetTextAsInteger(tmpAmount);
    The above code causes a runtime error. I found that this is caused by the nested control struct in the DLG_LINE. If I remove the outer control struct (and therefore also the label and layout fields of that struct) the code works fine and the values can be retrieved.

    All books and online examples seem to have an outer control struct of type AVKON_DATA_QUERY with an inner control struct of type AVKON_INTEGER_EDWIN (for example), but nowhere can I find the code to retrieve the values entered by the user.

    Summary: Does anyone have any code or can offer any help in retrieving values from an interface defined by the rss code at the top of this post.

    Many thanks.
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