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Thread: What is MCE?

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    What is MCE?

    Dear all,

    I get an error message in the built-in Application "Message":

    App. closed
    USER 130

    what does it mean? what is mce?

    Thanks in advance!


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    RE: What is MCE?

    USER 130: This panic is raised when an index value passed to a member function of a RArray or a RPointerArray identifying an array element, is out of bounds.

    MCE: Short for Message Centre.

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    App. Closed mc in 6600

    hi folks,

    I would like to discuss the issue with u as I am also having same problem while trying to install games on my 6600 its giving me "App. Closed mce" error.

    whats that and I have surfed the for the same and some peoples have suggested to format the MMC.

    Is formatting the MMC is only solution or is their any other solution.

    ur comments and suggestions r appreciated.


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