I am getting a "No Valid Certificate" error on my Nokia 6101 (S40 DP2) when trying to install an app signed by Verisign, and the install fails. I need to sign the app to access PIM functions, otherwise I get a SecurityException. I assume this means that it can't trace my cert back to the root cert. But there are a couple Verisign Class 3 root certs on the phone.

My jad file has these entries (I've truncated the lines):

MIDlet-Certificate-1-1: MIIE4DCCA8igAwIBAgIQL8lZMgod9gFoS7NTpQs2MTANBg
MIDlet-Certificate-1-2: MIIEvzCCBCigAwIBAgIQQZGhWjl4389JZWY4HUx1wjANBg
MIDlet-Jar-RSA-SHA1: STEqCVys4O49abTBLdP/AFU4WhgyWdT1OLffwt4+44nfMcoGq