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    Help! HttpConnection Problem!

    I run my code on wtk2.3 beta and sonyericcson sdk, it works good.

    But when I run it on Nokia S60 FP2 SDK, it throw a IOException when exceuting os.close();

    Below is my code.

    connection = (HttpConnection) Connector.open(serverURL,
    Connector.READ_WRITE, true);

    setConfig(connection, request.length());

    os = connection.openOutputStream();

    Can somebody tell me what how to solve it? thank you!

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    Re: Help! HttpConnection Problem!

    I am rajender pasricha, I am developing an application for NOKIA 6235 cdma mobile phone that will communicate to a server running on my pc. Mobile will be sendin and recieving some information to and from my pc. However, I am not able to establish a connection inbetween my mobile and my server, running on my pc.

    POlease help me to sort out this problem, by providing some useful information.

    rajender pasricha

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