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Thread: rpp missing

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    rpp missing

    hey all
    im using borlandx and s60 v20 supporting borland
    when i used v1.2 all was great but i needed ecam so iv instaled v20.
    when i compiled my app i got error MISSING: \Symbian\7.0s\Series60_v20_B\EPOC32\Localisation\myapp.rpp
    i v searched and searched and found to comment all lines in cl_borlandc.pm with $epoclocpath i did it and all worked fine (for winsb udeb) now i want to make sis and i turn to armi urel and i got this error again !!
    what shall i do ? im totaly confused spending so much time to find solution without succes

    many Thanks for help !

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    Re: rpp missing

    hmm i v also commented all lines with epoclocpath in cl_armib.pm and now there is no error... but i dont really know what those pm files do so can some pro tell me what is it and what ll happen as i commented those lines ?


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