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    Confused Newbie

    Hi all,

    I'm new to coding for mobile devices, though not to programming in general. However, I've finally bitten the bullet and decided I'll look into learning to write software for my somewhat elderly Nokia 3100. I've taken a look at the product details page:


    and from the various links around there I gather I need to write J2ME rather than C++. Fair enough - I did a little Java several years ago, although for preference I code in Delphi. I also gather from reading some material on these forums that the free JBuilder Foundation doesn't interface with the Nokia SDKs - is this correct?

    On the assumption that it is, I went looking for Sun ONE Studio, as specified in the Getting Started PDF, only to find that the product appears to be discontinued and / or no longer free (if it ever was?). So I've downloaded NetBeans instead - is this likely to cause any problems?

    I also notice from the 3100 product page that the 3300 SDK is recommended for this device, although the Series 40 API overview link on the same page suggests using the 7210 as the reference device, along with the tools and docs for this phone. Hmmm. Somewhere in my downloading frenzy I've acquired a file that contains both Nokia_7210_MIDP_SDK_v1_0 and Series_60_MIDP_Concept_SDK_Beta_0_3_Nokia_edition. Can't recall which zip they were in offhand but while NetBeans seems happy enough to use the series 60 SDK it doesn't seem to like the 7210 SDK. It does, however, accept the 3300 SDK that I've just downloaded.

    This being the case, what, if any, are the significant differences between the 3100 and the 3300? I'm assuming that code written using the 3300 SDK will run on the 3100, but are there any differences that I should be aware of? And is there an emulator that's specific to the 3100?

    Pardon me if these are all really trivial points - I'll no doubt get the hang of this eventually!



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    Re: Confused Newbie

    AGGGH! SO confused that I just posted under the C++ section! If a mod could move the post I'd be much obliged.


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