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    Dynamic Selection of Browser at run time


    I have multiple files to be displayed but with different file extensions. I want to display these files. However, I dont want to statically code the browser (eg. Opera) since app will be running across multiple devices. But I am working on series 60 presently.

    So, is there any api/mechanism available in series 60 which selects appropriate browser based file on extensions and availability of browsers on the particular device.

    For example - I just provide the file name (with extension) to the api and it determines the correct browser app

    Feedback/Pointers will be appreciated.

    Though one solution is to write my own custom module which does the same. However, I am looking if Symbian has provided one.


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    Re: Dynamic Selection of Browser at run time

    you could use RApaLsSession for example, it would automatically start right file handler application. Basically the file recognition is usually not based on the file extension, but the file content. Search for recognizers for more information.


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