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    Missing access points on Nokia 6230

    I have a game that runs fine on just about every Nokia I've tested thus far. The game downloads crossword puzzles over-the-air. On my Nokia 6600, the game works as follows:

    - I select 'Download' from the menu
    - I am asked if I want to allow the game to go on the web and select 'YES'
    - I get a screen titled 'Select access point:' with a list of access points
    - I select the 02 Mobile Web access point
    - The download works and everything is fine :-)

    Unfortunately, a customer in Australia (I am in the UK) has the following experience when he tries it on his 6230:

    - He selects 'Download' from the menu
    - He is asked if he wants to allow the game to go on the web and selects 'YES'
    - He gets a screen titled 'Select access point:' but the screen says 'no data' :-(

    This means that he cannot select any access point and therefore is unable to connect over the web.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? Any help much appreciated.


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    Re: Missing access points on Nokia 6230

    Does your customer have his/her own operator's access points correctly defined?

    It might also be due to a firmware issue that could be fixed by having the phone flashed with the latest phone software.

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