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    Application Icon

    Hi All,

    I have made an application using MIDP2.0. I want to display an icon of my application within the application (I hope I am making sense)...

    My application is meant for Nokia Series 60 phones. I don't have any idea regarding the size of the icon that is to be displayed inside the application.

    Please help me out by providing the image size (in pixels).

    Secondly, I am using J2ME Wireless Toolkit to package my application, i.e. to create the .jar and .jad files. Do any of you people have any idea, how can I specify the path of both the icons in my package..

    Thanking you in anticipation,

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    Re: Application Icon

    1. The icon size could be around 65x38 pixels its not fixed. It should be in Png format.

    2. If you are using netbeans IDE means you have to put your icon on the images folder. You need only one icon for the appli. So you can go to project properties in the netbeans, u will find Application Descriptor>Midlets> add icons.Browse to the path and add icon.


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