I installed an application with UID 0x102756CE on Nokia 6630. Succesfully launched it after installation. But, one of the views in the application did not have an Exit option. Due to this, I couldn't close the application.

Then, I provided the exit option in the view, created a sis for the same (with the same UID) and tried to re-install the same on the phone. But, I was unable to re-install, since the previous version of it is still open.

I then installed the new sis file on a different 6630 phone. But after installation, on launching the application, the view doesn't come up and also no error message is displayed. I checked the file "install.txt" under the path C:\system\install folder on the phone. There were no other applications with the same UID as this (i.e 0x102756CE). So, there's no UID conflict. But, still the application view doesn't come up.

I rebuilt the same application by just changing the UID and installed it. Then the application worked fine.

I don't understand why the application did not work with the old UID (i.e 0x102756CE) on the second phone.

Any clues..?