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    Can I transfer a SMS File and read it on my PC

    Hi, I have a 7610 and my Top Left Options button has stopped working. At one point I couldn't unlock the phone to read text messages coming through. My SMS Messages are stored on my RS-MMC and I can't go into Messages and select options to open the SMS's found the MMC and just have to use the SIM's Memory for now.

    The problem is the message that have come through are stored on my MMC and I have found the files using a Card Reader but cannot open them.

    Is there a program I can use to read the SMS File?



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    Re: Can I transfer a SMS File and read it on my PC

    i am facing a problem like that
    i need to send the files of my message to my computer and read it
    is there a way for that
    did you find a way to read the sms files

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    Re: Can I transfer a SMS File and read it on my PC

    notepad can open it.

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    Re: Can I transfer a SMS File and read it on my PC

    it is soooooooooooo easy with best message storer version 1.1
    from smartphoneware.com
    download the app from here
    just make sure you set the message store to memory card and not SIM
    it works!

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