I am working on Symbian 6.0 andon Nokia 60 series. I have wrote the code as follows for changing the AMR Mode. It is changing the Mode to 1,4 and 7 and it is not changing the mode for 2,3,5,6. The code is as follows:
iMdaAudioRecorderUtility = CMdaAudioRecorderUtility::NewL(*this);

CMdaAudioType *iMdaAudioType ;

iMdaAudioType = new (ELeave) CMdaAudioType;
iFileBuf = new TMdaFileClipLocation(KRecorderFile);

iMdaAudioType->iFormat = new (ELeave) TMdaRawAmrClipFormat;
iMdaAudioType->iCodec = new (ELeave) TMdaRawAmrAudioCodec(TMdaRawAmrAudioCodec(TMdaRawAmrAudioCodec::EMR74, ETrue));
iMdaAudioType->iSettings = new (ELeave) TMdaAudioDataSettings;
iMdaAudioType->iSettings->iSampleRate = 8000;
iMdaAudioType->iSettings->iChannels = 1;

iMdaAudioRecorderUtility->OpenL(iFileBuf, iMdaAudioType->iFormat, iMdaAudioType->iCodec, iMdaAudioType->iSettings);

Please tell me the solution for it. Is it bug in my code or there is a problem in symbian API.