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    does midp support https protocol ?

    Hello guys,
    I'm developing a simple midlet that connects to a web site through https protocol, and I'm using the Wireless Toolkit 1.0.4_01.

    The code for my application is the same that you can download from the interesting java tip at the following url : http://wireless.java.sun.com/midp/articles/https

    I get this annoying and strange problem:
    the connection is ok if I try to connect to this site : https://www.wellsfargo.com
    the connection fails if I try to connect to this site : https://cert.webtrust.org/thawte.html
    But both sites have the same certificate, issued by Verisign. These are the main informations about this kind of certificate:
    Version: Version 3
    Certificate Signature Algorithm: PKCS #1 MD5 With RSA Encryption Issuer: www.verisign.com/CPS Incorp.by Ref. LIABILITY LTD.(c)97 VeriSign
    The only difference between these 2 certificates is related with their extensions: in fact the wellfargo's certificate has a Server Authentication and Client Authentication, while the webtrust's certificate hasn't them. So I think that the Wireless toolkit likes certificates with Client/Server authentication and refuses certificates without them. Does anybody know the solution?

    Any help will be mostly appreciated

    best regards

    Giovanni Regola

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    RE: does midp support https protocol ?

    The standard midp 1.0 specification does not support https.

    The wireless toolkit itself though supports https (kssl)
    check out; http://wireless.java.sun.com/midp/articles/https/

    hope it helps!

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    RE: does midp support https protocol ?

    http will be part of midp 2.0, but is not in current version 1.0

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