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    Java Nokia 9300 opening JAVA 2.4.3 applet ?

    A few days ago i've bought a new NOKIA 9300 communicator . I'm a Stock Broker in Poland . I wanted to use it for instant communication via www with stocks . I'm worried because of my stock service support Applets in Java 1.4.2. which do not open in my NOKIA 9300 browser. Is there any sollution that can help my to run java 1.4.2 Applets on my Mobile (with J2ME ) . Its very very important for me.

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    Re: Java Nokia 9300 opening JAVA 2.4.3 applet ?

    No, the phone/browser does not support Java applets. Java applets embedded on web pages tend to require J2SE (Java 2 Standard Edition). The phone supports J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition). J2SE is too big and resource consuming for most phones today & I don't know of any phones with J2SE support (which doesn't mean there aren't any; just that I don't know of any).

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    Re: Java Nokia 9300 opening JAVA 2.4.3 applet ?

    hello. Is it possible to run (in mobile) any kind of java application embedded on a web page or do we always need a standalone java midlet?

    I would like to set up a webpage that includes links or triggers to send a (captured) picture directly from mobile. Is this possible to achieve on embedded webpage?

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