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    codewarrior emulator looks for estart.txt and mmcstore

    I am trying to debug my application using the codewarrior emulator that came with symbian 9.1 SDK.

    The application builds fine, but when I try to debug it by pressing F5 it crashes looking for a file estart.txt. I tried replacing the estart.txt that I found in the wins source files but then it started looking for "\\sys\\data\\mmcstore" and it crashes as it cannot find this file.
    These files are not there in the Symbian SDK that I recieved and also the path to the "mmcstore" file is hardcoded in the sdk files.

    Is there any way to make the emulator not to look for these files. I mean some kind of settings in the ini files or something else..

    I tried running the samples that came with the Symbian SDK and they too fail at the same place.



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    Re: codewarrior emulator looks for estart.txt and mmcstore

    The emulator is not part of CodeWarrior, it is part of the S60 SDK. I'm redirecting this to that forum.


    Matt P.

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