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    Question Nokia management of known issues

    I am interested in hearing from other members regarding the way Nokia manage problems in devices/firmware with known work arounds.

    I have encountered a number of firmware/device bugs that turn out to be known by Nokia and which do not appear in any of Nokia's online documentation. I and plenty of others have had to spend a great deal of time re-discovering what Nokia already known.

    The problems I have in minde are either errors in firmware/JVM or 'unexpected behaviour' that is unique to Nokia devices and require specific work-arounds.

    The resolutions to these have come largely as a result of the information and help provided by members of these forums. Some I have not found a resolution for.

    However many of these issues have been around for a few years and still are not included in Nokia's known problems.

    The net result is that a lot of the members of Nokia's developer community waste a great deal of time and resource rediscovering and re-solving 'known' problems.

    I would like to see Nokia regularly reviewing these forum posts and collating all the known issues onto an online site.

    What does anyone else think?

    BTW: I also use other platforms, such as the Sony Ericsson one. They have a more constructive approach and you regularly see posts from the SE teams with work-arounds or solutions to problems.
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