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    Question Nokia management of known issues

    I am interested in hearing from other members regarding the way Nokia manage problems in devices/firmware with known work arounds.

    I have encountered a number of firmware/device bugs that turn out to be known by Nokia and which do not appear in any of Nokia's online documentation. I and plenty of others have had to spend a great deal of time re-discovering what Nokia already known.

    The problems I have in minde are either errors in firmware/JVM or 'unexpected behaviour' that is unique to Nokia devices and require specific work-arounds.

    The resolutions to these have come largely as a result of the information and help provided by members of these forums. Some I have not found a resolution for.

    However many of these issues have been around for a few years and still are not included in Nokia's known problems.

    The net result is that a lot of the members of Nokia's developer community waste a great deal of time and resource rediscovering and re-solving 'known' problems.

    I would like to see Nokia regularly reviewing these forum posts and collating all the known issues onto an online site.

    What does anyone else think?

    BTW: I also use other platforms, such as the Sony Ericsson one. They have a more constructive approach and you regularly see posts from the SE teams with work-arounds or solutions to problems.
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    Re: Nokia management of known issues

    I completely agree with you statement, Nokia should spend more time listening and helping the professional development community rather than trying to make money off them by charging per question. Having moved from console game development to mobile I find the lack of help from the phone hardware makers to be incredibly bad, but then I guess game development is low down on there list of priority.

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    Re: Nokia management of known issues

    Hello Ady

    It's not just the lack of support, but the sheer number of firmware bugs is absolutely appalling. This is a common problem across ALL phones though. Out of all the manufactures, Motorola seem to offer the best support (although quite often you get the "Tell your publisher to upgrade their firmware" !!!!!).

    I worked with one publisher who used the costly Nokia "Professional Support" - I don't think the issue was ever resolved or a work-around found :-/

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    Re: Nokia management of known issues

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