First of all, thank you to all who participated in the Carbide.vs user survey!
I would like to solicit your help with one item that was brought up in the survey. We had quite a few people reporting issues with Carbide.vs Help, mainly for SDKs, that we are not able to repeat. If you want to follow up on issues with Help, pls contact me via the email link in my profile.

Just to provide a few notes on Help:
- The basic Carbide.vs package contains just the Help for the tool itself, not the Help for the SDKs.
- To download the Help for the SDKs, go to the Carbide.vs page, http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,6566,034-902,00.html, the links for the Help files are "hidden" down in the lower left hand corner. The reason they are not part of the base download is because of their size.
- Symbian OS help corresponding to the S60/S80 version in use is included with the SDK Help, so if you need to access to Symbian Help, you should be able to find it once you have installed the SDK Help.
- If after installation you have problems using the Help, note that Visual Studio provides 2 collections of Help. The Carbide.vs Help can be found under the "Visual Studio 2003 .NET Combined Help Collection". If you have the "MSDN Library for Visual Studio .NET 2003" set as you preferred collection, pls go to the Tools->Options-Environment->Help page in Visual Studio and change the Preferred Help collecton setting there.
- Note that some people have reported instances of corrupted Help installation files. If you encounter this, pls try to download the Help once more. Also note that the S60/S80 Help of the previous NDS 1.1 product are the same as the Carbide.vs Help for SDK earlier than S60 3.0, so if you have installed those, there is no need to download the Help and install it again. The S60 3.0 Help still needs to be separately installed.

With these settings you should be able to search all the SDK Help (eg using F1) as well as obtain Context Sensitive Help if you have enabled it. If you have issues still after following these instructions, pls contact me so that we can follow up.

Note also that some of the Help-like functions in Carbide rely on Intellisense. Carbide.vs uses Intellisense but unfortunately there are errors in the VS Intellisense that seem to create strange behaviour with Intellisense sometimes working and other times not working. Unfortunately this is an issue with Intellisense that we can not do anything about in Carbide.vs. You can fix Intellisense by following the information in the Carbide.vs Troubleshooting section, the downside with the workaround is that the Class Viewer becomes useless.