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    Advice on Bluetooth App Design


    I am going to write a Java app to send sms messages and phone contacts over Bluetooth to a PC as strings. I had a few questions I hope someone can help me with...

    1) The PC application will be listening for incoming data on the bluetooth com port. Would it be easier to pair the devices firstly using the software that comes with my PC bluetooth dongle? Or should I make the phone based app make the connection? For instance, if I pair the devices on the PC can I simply make the mobile application write data to the bluetooth port? I want to do whatever will be easier in terms of development of the mobile program.

    2) What classes can I use to get SMS entries and Phonebook contacts? I believe the PIM manager can be used for SIM contacts, however I have no idea about the SMS.

    Any getting started documents are greatly appreciated as I'm reading as many as I can at the moment.


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    Which phones are you targeting? All phones which have JSR-75/JSR-82 have OMA SyncML DS over OBEX on board. I see no reason for a MIDlet which would need to be signed additionally.

    I think there is no way to get SMS messages from within MIDlet on a Nokia Serie 40/60.

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