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    MMC Cards and SMS

    I have made a similar post in another forum as reply to a thread so I'm sorry for the duplication. I guess this is the place it should be instead of the C++ forums.


    I have mounted the MMC card as a removable USB drive in WinXP. I have several files and directories in MMC:\System\Mail however I have no idea how to interpret them into SMS messages and emails. All I really care about here is being able to read SMS messages in PDU mode or text mode. There were at least 4 messages stored on the card when I checked it tonight.

    Below is the contents of the directory:
    Volume in drive G is Memory card
    Volume Serial Number is 05B7-BAD1

    Directory of G:\System\Mail

    21/10/2005 16:09 <DIR> .
    21/10/2005 16:09 <DIR> ..
    06/04/2005 08:34 114 0010001e
    22/04/2005 13:53 204 0010001d
    06/04/2005 11:45 134 00100004
    05/10/2005 08:45 204 00100003
    21/10/2005 16:08 246 00100000
    21/10/2005 16:09 127 00100001
    06/04/2005 11:45 50 00001000
    21/10/2005 16:09 <DIR> 00100004_F
    21/10/2005 16:09 <DIR> 0010001e_F
    21/10/2005 16:09 <DIR> 0010001e_S
    21/10/2005 16:09 <DIR> 00100005_S
    21/10/2005 16:09 <DIR> 00100004_S
    21/10/2005 16:09 <DIR> 00100003_S
    21/10/2005 16:09 <DIR> 00100001_S
    21/10/2005 16:09 <DIR> 00100000_S
    21/10/2005 16:09 <DIR> 0010001d_S
    21/10/2005 16:09 <DIR> 00001001_S
    10/01/2006 22:35 42,507 Index
    8 File(s) 43,586 bytes
    12 Dir(s) 57,420,800 bytes free


    I also have the mmc:\Backup\Backup.arc file. Again, how can I interpret that to text? All I really want is the names and phone numbers - email address and other additional data don't really matter.

    One final point I was hoping someone can help me with, I also have a MMC:\Others\Contacts\ directory that contains a vCard entry. I don't remember creating it but I must have at some point when the MMC card was in the phone as it contains my name. Is it possible to export the contacts database stored on the phone as a set of vCard entries stored on the MMC card? How do you create a vCard entry manually?

    Help here is much appreciated to let me finish off a project in file systems.

    Best Regards,


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    Re: MMC Cards and SMS

    My reply after your duplicate posting:

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