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    Red face Network Problem in 3rd Ed. Emulator


    Currently, I am porting a 2nd edition Symbian Client/Server App. to 3rd edition. However, I have encountered network access problem in the 3rd Edition Emulator.

    I can success access network in my 2nd edition emulator by specifying a new IP other than my PC IP.

    For my 3rd edition emulator, I have tried two network settings, both of them can't make the emulator access the netwok.

    1. Enter a new valid IP and DNS manually and choose the netword card as adapter.
    2. Install and choose the S60 Virtual Adpater and use DHCP for IP and DNS.

    Can anybody give me some advice on setting the network of 3rd edition emulator?

    Steve Lai

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    Re: Network Problem in 3rd Ed. Emulator

    I am trying to do the same thing with no success yet. Have you been able to achieve this?

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