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    Launching a 3rd-party Trusted Java Midlet on Nokia 6630


    I am facing a problem launching my Midlet that has been signed by a Verisign code signing certificate.

    Before the midlet is signed:
    - It is installed as "untrusted" third party
    - It launches fine
    - It throws Security Exception when trying to send SMS

    After the midlet has been signed with Verisign:
    - It is installed as "trusted" third party
    - It fails to launch, the screen just refreshes when trying to open the midlet

    Has anyone face similar issues?

    Please help!


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    Re: Launching a 3rd-party Trusted Java Midlet on Nokia 6630

    If you are using obfuscate then try not to use it, sometimes it can give problems

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    Re: Launching a 3rd-party Trusted Java Midlet on Nokia 6630

    Please read this thread - http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...before-posting

    It talks about various issues related to this problem and solutions.
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    Re: Launching a 3rd-party Trusted Java Midlet on Nokia 6630

    There is also this post that describes a few tricks you can try.

    Please keep in mind that your Nokia 6630 is a S60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2 device. If you only request permissions related to SMSes, i.e.


    there won't be any difference before and after signing the application with respect to prompts caused by any underlying sending or receiving of SMS messages because according to this table, the default access level for Messaging in both the trusted and untrusted domain is "Ask always".

    So if your purpose is to reduce the prompts on your device (6630) and if you are not using more permissions that the above mentioned, it might not make any difference to sign your application

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