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    Telephony API for A1000

    i want to dial a phone numbe in my programme (on A1000)
    do you have a documentation on telephony api of this device or code example to do that??

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    Re: Telephony API for A1000

    The A1000 is a Motorola device. This is a Nokia forum. Try http://www.motocoder.com/ or perhaps just the UIQ SDK documentation?

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    Re: Telephony API for A1000


    this is post I've send to answer other question, maybe usefull for you:
    Re: How to obtain telephone number from call

    I didn't go throught whole discussion, I only look on title, so sorry if I will not answer it properly. I once develop the Call Engine and:

    - on S60 I used Call Log engine and other ETEL classes without any problems for capturing calls, getting dialed and remote party MSISDN - works perfectly on N6680, N6630...

    - on SE900 it also works, but you must copy here some libs and headers from Sendo(gsmadv.lib,gsmbas.lib) and Nokia 9200 SDK(etelagsm.h,etelbgsm.h) as I remember....

    - on Motorola 925/A1000 you can easily get remote party dialed number, but it is not possible to get dialed NUMBER!!!!!! Don't know why? I didn't found a way how to do it.

    My advice:
    Collect all SDK you can: Sendo, Motorola, old Nokia SDK. Sometimes they're useful....

    If you need some source codes or more detailed description, I can put here something.... Just ask.


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