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    Tools Downloading Error,geting ask for user and password

    i am trying to download Tools from series 60 platform SDK's for Symbian.......when i chose download, it start but after Pause or Resume Download it asks for User Name and Password for fds.nokia.com i tried my forum user login and password but it didnt work plz help me out from this problem i need to complete my work but first i have to download the tools to complete my work plz any one can help me.
    Download Agent : DAP 7.0
    File Names Are : 1st Ed,FP1,MS&Borland , 2nd Ed,Visual Studio & .Net , 2nd Ed,FP1,MS&Borland
    plz help me out why its happening these files are more than 100 Mbs and it should have support RESUME it do but after Resume it asks for user name any one can help me waiting for REPLIES
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